The Adventures of Mr Toad - The Characters

Mr Toad

Larger than life. Loud, boisterous, conceited - and he would be the first to admit it. “Well, I have a lot to be conceited about don't I? I am utterly wonderful!”. He takes the boundaries of self-esteem onto a new level. Rich [much too rich for his own good really], he inherited all his fortune from his hard-working ancestors, none of whom survive. Toady is our Playboy Of The Riverbank. Due to his social standing as owner of “Toad Hall”, an enormous mansion with spacious grounds to match, he is popular and much admired. He knows it and loves it. Probably quite tubby, but the actor who plays Toad needs to be fit. Strong Baritone and he needs to be able to move well/dance - but there again, he will probably charm the audience into thinking he can dance anyway.


Timid, shy, naïve, gentle, loveable in his own simple sort of way, gullible. Probably easy prey for the more dubious members of society - for he is a trusting soul. Wishes no one harm and, due to his lack of life experience, easily shocked. High Baritone / Tenor. Ability to move.

Mr Toad

Everybody's friend. An outgoing fellow with warmth. Much admired for his generosity, kindness and good spirit. A dashing, but not conceited member of the Riverbank society. Tenor. A Good Dancer. A loyal friend to Toad - though one could say he does tire of Toad's antics.

Mr Toad

The grandfather of the river bank. Experienced, wise and a little stern or gruff one might say. Often played with a Geordie accent. Tall 6ft plus. Thick set. He has a kind heart but will not tolerate the reckless behaviour of Mr Toad. Rich Bass Baritone. Dance skills not essential but a good mover.

Chief Weasel

Chief Weasel
He is a mixture between Elvis Presley (in his slim days) and a visually terrifying half human half weasel. Often costumed in leather and fur he might be seen as strangely sexy also. He represents everything that is evil in the story. Strong Rock voice, High Baritone and excellent mover / dancer. Stage fighting skills preferable.

Rosy the Goaler's Daughter

Rosy (the Gaoler's daughter)
The Gaoler's daughter. 16-17 years old.
Pretty, sweet, kind, innocent and petite.
She has a good Mezzo Soprano belt.
Good dancer.

The Magistrate

Lady Magistrate
Totally mad which is bizarrely unsettling.
To the smaller children in the audience she may even seem frightening. She wears an overly large and outrageous wig and she may well be size 16 plus. Strong Operatic Soprano.

Clerk (of the Court)
We have often doubled him with the Chief Weasel. He is tall, thin, gaunt with a sallow complexion with piercing eyes. High Baritone. Good dancer/mover.

Aunt (the Washerwoman)
Often doubles with Lady Magistrate. Large, cuddly, kind and a little eccentric. Soprano. Basic movement skills.

A pantomime law enforcement agent. Any size, stupid and self important. Baritone.

The Horse
Typical pantomime horse, two actors in a bright colourful horse skin. Non- singing role.